I started watching Game Of Thrones less than a week ago and I’ve just watched The Red Wedding and… no, just no…

oh god no!

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"I think if anyone sees the replay, I don’t think there would be a debate. It was over the line and it is quite disappointing, for that one time in your life as a keeper you might get a chance to score, you are denied the celebrations. It is quite unfortunate and disappointing the officials didn’t give it because if Chris didn’t put it in, we would have lost 1-0. We are very lucky Chris did put it in – but it should have been given to me. The pictures show it was over the line. It would be my first professional goal – it is my first professional goal because it was over the line." - Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper or Wood? You could tell from the roar of the crowd and the player’s faces that everybody wanted this to be Kasper’s goal.

Kasper! Kasper is my favourite!


I’m fucking speechless I’m so so so happy


Cat Owners Will Understand (24 Pics)


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#nowspinning The Small Faces - The Autumn Stone

Just booked my ticket to see Noel Fielding in Leicester!

I heart Toy Story. New Toy Story of Terror dvd and Woody mug (birthday present)





"Forgetting about the world and loving your best friend" - By Sergio Pizzorno.

awww, this melts my heart!


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I missed this message yesterday. Thank you Zara, and thank you for all the pics you post on your blog. Here’s a kiss for you hun:


ahhh thank you love


John Watson - The wisest and bravest man I know…

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